Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day #175 Weigh-In & NSV

When I went out of town last week I took some clothes that don't fit me anymore to one of my best friends who is preggo and she gave me some clothes that she can't fit into anymore. I decided to wear a pair of shorts that she gave me today, size 18, and they are literally falling off as I walk to the point where my entire underwear are showing, lol. I had to come back home and add a belt!

Since I felt really skinny with these loose shorts I decided, what the heck, i'll weigh myself right now in the middle of the day, after eating lunch...and I weighed 202.6 lbs! That's a loss of 2 lbs from 3 days ago and a total loss of 47.4 lbs. After maintaining my weight loss for so many weeks it's as if i've started over with weight loss and am losing weight quickly. I'm enjoying it and definitely not complaining...I know it's going to get hard again and it's going to slow down, that's it just water weight, etc.

I worked at my office manager job today and caught up with everything there for half a day, but was off from the hospital. I work the next 5 days in a row which are going to be physically and mentally exhausting, but i'm going to keep thinking about all the fun my sister and I are going to have for those 5 days off in a row afterwards to get me through it!

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