Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day #326 Struggling & Weigh-In

The last 13 days have been tough. I've been working 5 shifts a week with an extra shift of being on call. I try to rest up on my days off, but it's just not enough to only have one day off at a time. I find myself getting frustrated faster and am just not myself. I also feel like i'm pushing away my friends at work leaving me feeling isolated and it makes being at work more difficult. I've also been getting difficult assignments, which doesn't help the situation. I have also had a really bad UTI six out of those thirteen days, adding to my misery.

I've been counting calories using myfitnesspal but I haven't been bike riding :-(. I completely forgot to weigh in last Saturday and by the time I remembered it was already night time. Fast forward to today and I was scared to step on the scale. There have been a couple days where I went over my calorie limit so I was very happy when I looked down and saw 216.2! That's a loss of 1.6 lbs over the last two weeks. Losing weight is truly a difficult battle and am very happy that I was able to lose during this rough time.

I worked Sunday in order to have this Saturday off and my work called me this morning demanding to know who had given me off today, insinuating that I had given it to myself and changed it on the schedule. I don't even know where this is coming from as I have never called in, never gotten in trouble, and always work really hard during my shifts. The whole being isolated from my "friends" and this crazy attitude of the second in command who called me this morning have me re-thinking a lot of decisions about where I want to work and where we want to build our home.

Around this time of year I really miss my siblings and am feeling blah. I'm trying not to let it hamper my weight loss attempts. To try and turn this blah feeling around i'm going to read some message boards and weight loss success stories to give me a boost.

In WLS news I had a follow up with my primary who already sent my letter of medical necessity, pulmonary and cardiac clearance. I told him I was thinking about having surgery towards the end of January and he said he would see me one more time right before my surgery.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day #313 Vitamins & Dinner Pictures

I always love blogs with pictures, so I decided to add more to mine!

These are the vitamins i've been taking:

My vitamin D levels were critically low, so i'm taking one 2000 IU a day. I'm taking four biotin tablets every day to help grow my hair before surgery. I love these one a day vitacraves gummies with immunity support, they're a little bit sour and amazing!I take two of these every night. The caltrate gummy bites are new. These also have vitamin d, i'm supposed to take two of these twice a day according to the bottle. I've only been taking two once at night. I have another appointment with the nutritionist on Tuesday, so i'm going to take all of these supplements with me and see what he recommends.

For dinner I had these amazing tostadas:

Here's the breakdown on calories:
-corn tostadas two for 100 calories
-jennie-o 99/1 ground turkey breast 120 calories
-taco bell taco seasoning 20 calories
-half of an avocado 104 calories
-no fat refried beans 1/2 cup 100 calories
TOTAL: 444 calories for both tostadas!!! A-mazing!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day #312 Another Appointment, Weigh-In and Dinner Picture!

I had another appointment in my weight loss surgery journey. I had to meet with a physical therapist. He said that i'm not eating enough calories and that my workouts are too intense. He said he's never had to tell a weight loss surgery candidate that before! I was eating about 1440 calories a daybefore, and he said I need to be eating somewhere between 1500 and 1700. I'm eating around 1590 right now. I'm also going to try to do 30 minutes of exercise a day, even on the days when I work and i'm dragging butt and just want to go to sleep.

He also mentioned to me that based on the levels of hormones in my body, water content, and various other factors, I need to weigh myself at the same time under the same conditions every single time no more than once a week. He said that each time you weigh yourself you could weigh up to 5 pounds more or 5 pounds less than your actual weight. So, for example, one week you might lose 6 lbs (but you actually only lost 2) and the next week you might gain 2 (but you actually lost 2!). So i'm going to weigh myself every Saturday after I wake up. This Saturday I weighed myself and i'm 217.8! I'm happy that i've lost, but still frustrated that i'm so far away from where I was before I gained weight on purpose.

We went to the grocery store today and stocked up on lots of yummy, nutritious food. Tonight for dinner I made 96/4 Extra Lean Ground Beef with garlic and onion tomato sauce, tortellini with cheese, and light caesar salad.

I served myself a 652 calorie portion because I had a ton of calories to use up. I could easily scale this back to a smaller portion and still feel satisfied.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day #308 November Challenge Addition

Last post I said that this was going to be my November Challenge:

"My goal for November is to be under 210 lbs. I'm going to accomplish this by counting calories using and working out using my Garmin Fit app."

I want to add to that goal 100 miles of cycling! Today I did 12.6 miles! Only 87.4 more to go!!!

My bike ride today was so much harder than normal. I wanted to quit at least four times, and my husband almost came to pick me up when I felt like puking and passing out and actually had to sit down on the ground for 5 minutes, but I kept going. I made a few mistakes before this ride, first being that I didn't eat anything for breakfast first. I'm also fighting an upper respiratory tract infection which makes my asthma worse. The hardest factor was the wind, it was SO windy during my ride I felt like it was an uphill battle the whole time. I'm so glad I was able to overcome each obstacle I faced today!

The last two weeks have been a struggle for me eating wise, and my weight last week was 225 (a gain of 3 pounds). My weight this morning was 218.6! I'm so PROUD of myself! I need to be at 210.4 in order to qualify for the insurance to pay for my surgery. I'm just going to keep going until I get wheeled into that operating room...the lower I go, the easier job my surgeon will have! He says that every pound you don't lose or gain before surgery is like placing a brick in his hands.

I hope you had a great start to your November challenges as well!