Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day #437 I Can Work Out, Closet Shenanigans & Regular Stores!

I started working out on Friday with one of my best friends that's a personal trainer. I was scared that I wouldn't be able to work out, and that I would feel weak/pass out and feel really embarassed but none of those things happened! We did interval training, a lot of stretching, and some resistance bands and kettle bells. I've always been a fast walker (which helps me a LOT as a nurse!) and even took a speed walking class in college!

We started out with a fast paced walk for about 7 minutes. After warming up my muscles we stretched a bit, marching in place to keep my hr up between stretches. Then we started fast walking again, with intervals of fast walking, regular slow jog, fast walk, regular slow jog with high knees, fast walk, regular slow jog with kick backs, fast walk, repeat. We did 1.5 miles at 15 minutes per mile. On Friday we did squats and jumping jacks and push ups. Today we did upper body work with the resistance bands and a 7 lb kettle bell. I'm sore but it feels good to be sore :-p!

I started cleaning out my closet and am starting to try on every single thing and throw away everything that's too big. So far I have a big black trash bag full of clothes to take to goodwill. It felt so amazing to try on all of my old clothes from before I got out of control obese and have them fit me just like they used to or even better! I tried on my wedding dress and it just falls off. I was about 210-215 at my wedding in 2008 and I weighed 187 this morning. I even fit into my bridesmaid dress from a wedding in 2006:

I can't believe I forgot to blog about my first time buying new jeans!!! My size 18's that used to fit me so tight that I had a giant muffin top and had indentions in my skin after taking them off at night were falling off even with my belt on really tight. So I decided to buy a cheap pair of jeans at old navy that could help me get through this transition. I walked up to the wall of jeans and grabbed four different styles in a size 16 and went to the dressing room. I dragged my husband in with me and tried on the first pair. They were giant. Repeat x the other three pair. I went out and got the same styles in a size 14. Three of the four were big everywhere but the abdomen and the fourth pair fit really well everywhere but slightly snug on my belly fat where i'm biggest so I bought that pair. I need size 12 legs with size 14 waistband, haha! Those jeans fit me comfortably now even on my belly, even fresh out of the dryer!!!

Trying on clothes at a regular store and having them fit is a dream come true. I tried on an XL dress at NY&Co. and it fit really well. I've only tried on clothes at those two "safe" stores where I have bought clothes before. I can't wait until I can really go into any single store I want to and buy something that fits and looks good.

There are no words to describe how happy I am right now!

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  1. Wow, congratulations!! That's so exciting. I think saying Goodbye to stores like Lane Bryant and Torrid will be a very special day for me.