Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day #395 Diet Phase II

Today has been an awesome day for me. I have been better at getting in my fluids and was able to start eating some non-liquids!

The Diet Phase I includes only clear liquids (water, no sugar added fruit juices, crystal light, broth, sf jello, etc). I had to do this 24 hrs post op once I passed my leak test until this morning.

This morning I started on Phase II which allows for scrambled eggs, yogurt, refried beans, pureed and strained soups, all the beverage choices from phase I, sf hot chocolate, vegetable juice, coffe, tea, oatmeal or cream of wheat. Let's see...the only things I like from this phase are the eggs, yogurt, refried beans, strained soups, liquids, and tea. I have to do this for 7 days! It's not hard in the sense that my stomach is hungry all the time, but it's hard because my head is hungry. As I sit here and watch daytime tv I see all of these commercials of delicious food and I daydream about food I can't eat. I don't dwell on it, but it does make it harder.

I'm trying to learn my comfort zone on how much liquids I can take in, because when i'm too full my right shoulder hurts really bad. I thought it would be more of a substernal pain, but it's more referred pain. Today I have had:

Before Lunch (154 calories)
1 scrambled egg with 1/8 of a cheese slice crumbled and melted into the egg while cooking with 1tbsp ketchup
2 oz no sugar added Apple Juice
4 oz water
1 100% Fruit Juice no fruit pieces popsicle

Before Dinner (133 calories)
1/4c. strained chicken tortilla soup from chickfila
1/4c. light fat free strawberry yogurt
1 100% Fruit Juice no fruit pieces popsicle
4 oz water

Dinner and After (180 calories)
1 100% Fruit Juice no fruit pieces popsicle
8 oz Unjury Chicken Soup

I'm only at a little over half of the protein intake I should be eating (70g) and half of the water I should be drinking (48-64 oz) but I feel like i'm making good progress from yesterday when I could only eat one jello, 2 oz of apple juice and a popsicle. I don't want to stretch my suture lines and cause a leak so i'm taking it "slow".

Today was a great day, i'm just bored. I'm a workaholic that's not used to sitting still. We're moving into an apartment on Saturday and half of our stuff is in storage already. I feel bad that I can't help pack or move anything :-( but luckily we have amazing friends that are coming to help us move!

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