Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day #326 Struggling & Weigh-In

The last 13 days have been tough. I've been working 5 shifts a week with an extra shift of being on call. I try to rest up on my days off, but it's just not enough to only have one day off at a time. I find myself getting frustrated faster and am just not myself. I also feel like i'm pushing away my friends at work leaving me feeling isolated and it makes being at work more difficult. I've also been getting difficult assignments, which doesn't help the situation. I have also had a really bad UTI six out of those thirteen days, adding to my misery.

I've been counting calories using myfitnesspal but I haven't been bike riding :-(. I completely forgot to weigh in last Saturday and by the time I remembered it was already night time. Fast forward to today and I was scared to step on the scale. There have been a couple days where I went over my calorie limit so I was very happy when I looked down and saw 216.2! That's a loss of 1.6 lbs over the last two weeks. Losing weight is truly a difficult battle and am very happy that I was able to lose during this rough time.

I worked Sunday in order to have this Saturday off and my work called me this morning demanding to know who had given me off today, insinuating that I had given it to myself and changed it on the schedule. I don't even know where this is coming from as I have never called in, never gotten in trouble, and always work really hard during my shifts. The whole being isolated from my "friends" and this crazy attitude of the second in command who called me this morning have me re-thinking a lot of decisions about where I want to work and where we want to build our home.

Around this time of year I really miss my siblings and am feeling blah. I'm trying not to let it hamper my weight loss attempts. To try and turn this blah feeling around i'm going to read some message boards and weight loss success stories to give me a boost.

In WLS news I had a follow up with my primary who already sent my letter of medical necessity, pulmonary and cardiac clearance. I told him I was thinking about having surgery towards the end of January and he said he would see me one more time right before my surgery.

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