Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day #313 Vitamins & Dinner Pictures

I always love blogs with pictures, so I decided to add more to mine!

These are the vitamins i've been taking:

My vitamin D levels were critically low, so i'm taking one 2000 IU a day. I'm taking four biotin tablets every day to help grow my hair before surgery. I love these one a day vitacraves gummies with immunity support, they're a little bit sour and amazing!I take two of these every night. The caltrate gummy bites are new. These also have vitamin d, i'm supposed to take two of these twice a day according to the bottle. I've only been taking two once at night. I have another appointment with the nutritionist on Tuesday, so i'm going to take all of these supplements with me and see what he recommends.

For dinner I had these amazing tostadas:

Here's the breakdown on calories:
-corn tostadas two for 100 calories
-jennie-o 99/1 ground turkey breast 120 calories
-taco bell taco seasoning 20 calories
-half of an avocado 104 calories
-no fat refried beans 1/2 cup 100 calories
TOTAL: 444 calories for both tostadas!!! A-mazing!

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