Monday, March 14, 2011

Day #74 Exercise & Fun Times

Yesterday we went to a national forest and had a picnic and went hiking. We took a lot of awesome pics and had a great time :-)

Last night my sister and I walked another 4 miles. I walked on the uphill parts and jogged on the downhill parts (i'm a cheater!) and it took us an hour.

I haven't counted any calories since i've been here. I hadn't gained any weight up until yesterday and I haven't weighed since. I think it's almost TOM because I feel emotional, bloated and had severe cramps that woke me up last night. Whenever its TOM I gain a mysterious 5-10 lbs that go away as soon as it's over, leaving me feeling like a giant fatty mcfatterson in the process. I'm using a lot of positive self talk and staying away from the scale until I return to "normal".

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