Monday, February 6, 2012

Day #406 Back to Work :-/ & Possible Stall

I go back to work tomorrow! I'm really nervous. I still get tired really easily and have lost a lot of muscle strength. This is also our busiest time of year, and the patient population in general is also a lot sicker. Blah.

Yesterday was a good day. We were invited to a super bowl party so I had an excuse to get dressed up. I had this bag that I had been shoving clothes that didn't fit me anymore into because I was tired of seeing them in my closet. I dipped into that bag and put on a pair of jeans and a shirt my sister had given me almost two years ago. It felt good :-).

I think I might have hit my stall. I have weighed 202.8 since Friday. I've been eating a lot of salt, and I noticed my college ring was snug this morning when it had been spinning around the last few days. If I am at a stall, i'm ok with that. I had wanted to get under 200 before stalling, but such is life. Since the 19th i've lost 26 pounds! Most of my clothes fit the way they should, and some fit a little bit big. I think the reason why is that i've been stuffing myself into my current clothes instead of admitting I was bigger and buying bigger clothes.

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