Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day #289 Changing Course

The last time I weighed in was June and I weighed 202.6. Over June and July I hovered between 200 and 212. Quite a few of my coworkers have had gastric sleeve's done and I was very curious. I did some research and read blogs (of course!) of people who have had the surgery done and decided that this was something I was very, very interested in doing. Unfortunately my BMI was only 30 and I wasn't a candidate to have my insurance company pay for the surgery.

After talking to one co-worker in particular I decided to gain enough weight to have a BMI of 35. It took me most of August and all of September but I finally weighed 233.4 on September 29. That's the date of my first appointment with my surgeon. The surgeon that I have chosen is awesome! He always comes to the unit to put in cvp's and is very skilled. He also used to be my neighbor, which is cool too.

So, these are the things i've done so far in order to meet the insurance requirements:
9/28 Attended Weight Loss Seminar at my hospital
9/29 First appointment with surgeon
10/5 1/2 Support Groups
10/6 Meeting with Bariatric Coordinator, 1st Nutritionist Appointment, Psych Eval (Passed)

On 10/6 I was cleared to start losing weight by the nutritionist (who happens to be my buddy!). I started on a 1500 ish calorie diet and have been trying to exercise on my days off. Most of my meals consist of chicken or ultra lean beef, pasta/rice, vegetable, and fruit.

On 10/7 I walked 3.5 miles to my Aunt's house and then she dropped me off at home. I worked the next 4 days.

On 10/12 I walked 3.8 miles to my Aunt's house (different path) and then rode her bike back to my house (different path) 4.5 miles. I had a drinkable tiny yogurt when I got there. For lunch I had a subway 6" ham and turkey sandwich on wheat bread with american cheese and avocado. I also had a broccoli and cheese soup with 4 club crackers. NO CHIPS! To drink I had crystal light. I had two chocolate chip cookies for 100 calories for dessert. For dinner my husband got chick-fil-a grilled chicken sandwiches and I had the fillet and bottom bun, he also cooked broccoli pasta, and corn. For dessert I had a jello chocolate pudding. Total calories for the day 1585. Estimated exercise calories ~830. I weighed in this morning at 222.0.

I have my appointment with my PCP who is also a pulmonologist tomorrow. He will write my letter of necessity and provide my pulmonology and cardiac clearance. After that i'm pending one more support group, a physical therapy eval, and monthly nutritionist visits until I have a total of 6, then submission to the insurance :-)


  1. As a nurse, I know that you would understand the risks of such a surgery, as well as the risks to your health of being so over weight. However I am disappointed that you felt it necessary to have to gain extra weight to take such a drastic measure to get your weight under control.

    I fully acknowledge the fact that weight issues have a multitude of contributing factors such as genetics, hormone imbalances, ext.. but I also believe there are underlying emotional issues that contribute to it as well.

    Yes, you are attending nutrition seminars and what not, but at this point, are you really retaining any information or are you just so focused on getting the surgery that you are taking the necessary steps and jumping the appropriate hoops to get there?

    How is your life going to change once the weight is off? I know I don't personally know you, or your circumstances, but you really need to reflect on this matter (again, not saying you haven't, just writing my opinion based on what you have written here in your blog).

    What kind of example is getting a sleeve setting? That there is a quick fix for everything. Well, after losing 70lb and struggling to keep it off the natural way, I can assure you this process is not an easy one, and you will face challenges much different than the ones I have faced as your timeline will be a lot speedier than mine.

    Either way, good luck, I hope you find success on your journey.

  2. I'm a new reader...found your blog through Hollie's. I used to think (years ago) the same about surgery--that it was an easy way out, or a "cheat." I know now that that is absolutely not true, and I am very glad I have learned that. I have known several people who have done the surgery, and I know you still have to exercise and eat right and do all of that stuff. It is most definitely not an easy out. There is no real way to lose weight and keep it off that does not require exercise and mastery of self control over food. I appreciated your explanation about the insulin thing, and I personally think that under those circumstances I would also very seriously consider surgery. And being a major advocate of not wasting money, I know that I would have done the same thing--gained weight to get the insurance to pay for it.

    I wish you well. I look forward to continuing to read your blog! After I found Hollie's I decided to start one of my own, and I've enjoyed it so far. Best of luck to you as you continue your journey!