Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day #305 Another App, Progress and November Challenge!

I noticed that one of my cousin's has been posting her results from on facebook, and I became curious, but not curious enough to actually look into it. Then one of my best friends said he was doing it as well and then I really had to know what it was all about. I was using the calorie counter app from fat secret but the new update made it wonky and hard to use, so I had abandoned it. I started using the app on my phone (which was FREE!) and am IN LOVE! It's pretty easy to use and it lets your friends that are using it also see your progress. You can even comment on their status updates. It's like a facebook for weight loss.

The last few days I have eaten everything I could get my hands on. I think it's part hormonal and part fear that I need to eat everything I can't have after surgery now while I still can. That's not a smart way of thinking and I gave myself a giant wake up call today. I haven't lost any weight in the last two weeks and i'm disappointed in myself. I told the nutritionist at my last appointment that I could lose the 10% I need to lose for surgery in the first month and i've only lost about 5%. I'm excited that i'm halfway there but disappointed that I'm not where I could be if I had given 100%. My next appointment with the nutritionist is next week and i'm hoping that I can be closer to 7-8% of weight loss.

My goal for November is to be under 210 lbs. I'm going to accomplish this by counting calories using and working out using my Garmin Fit app.

PS. Hey Sue, ( I tried to post a comment on your blog for the November Biggest Loser Challenge and it wouldn't let me! I'm in buddy!

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  1. I am totally going to have to check out that app once I get a phone that will let me have apps (LOL, I live in the dark ages, but I'm getting an iphone next month).

    I don't know why it wouldn't let you leave a comment...I've had that on other people's blogs myself, and I wonder if there's something I can do to make it so people can comment. Weird! But I'm glad you're in. I'm kind of nervous to make such a committment, but I know it will be an amazing way to kill the holiday weight gain with some serious work. =) I wish you luck--because I know how much we'll need it!