Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day #291 Coffee Adventures, Weigh-In

I was addicted to coke. On the days I worked I would drink 2-3 20oz bottles of coke per day. I really don't like coffee, but have decided I need something to help me get through the ~13 hour days. When I was at the grocery store yesterday I asked my dad what brand of coffee he recommended (he's a coffee lover) and he said I should try eight 'o clock coffee. I decided to make it today and holy shiz! I have the type of coffee maker that grinds the beans and then makes the I eyeballed the amount of beans I put in. It ended up being about half a cup! For only 2 cups of water! According to my dad the grounds soak up water so I only ended up with one cup of coffee with half a cup of grounds...needless to say I accidentally made espresso, lol!

I weighed myself this morning (I tend to be a daily weigher) and I weighed 220.8. It's hard to see these high numbers especially after I had gotten down to 200 before but I will get there again. The 2teens are so close I can taste them! I hope to get down to 200 again before surgery. I also can't wait for my scrubs to fit me again...they fit so tight I look pregnant :-( Hopefully once i'm in the 200's they'll fit again.

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