Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day #296 Taking care of myself, in more ways than one

I've worked every day since my last post and have a really hard time working out after a long shift. Today was my first day off and I rode my bike 10.8 miles in 83 minutes. Last time I did 10.6 miles in 90 minutes, so I was really excited to shave off 7 minutes while adding .2 miles! Riding my bike makes me feel so carefree, I don't think about anything and just enjoy the moment.

I also got a massage today, it felt amazing. I'm working six days this week (four 12 hour shifts and two 8 hour shifts) so I wanted to take today to really take care of myself.

I went to a support group for surgery last night. I have a friend that is doing the surgery with me and we went together. I like hearing stories from patients post op. The patient that spoke last night was one week post op and was looking and feeling great. I have to admit i've been having doubts about the surgery. I love to drink a ton of fluid with my meals. I wish that as hard as I work that I could lose and maintain weight without needing surgery. I haven't had a "normal" BMI since middle school and can't wait until I get there, even if it means surgery.

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