Thursday, October 13, 2011

I feel like a 12 year old!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE riding my bike! I rode 10.6 miles today in 90 minutes. It was tough but fun. I love going down hills crazy fast with the wind at my face feeling like i'm flying...just like I did when I was 12! I have a very sore gluteus maximus!

I'm doing well eating-wise today also. After my ride I had Rudy's BBQ for lunch. I had half of an ultra lean brisket sandwich, half of a small container of potato salad, pickles, and unsweet tea. 406 calories. For a snack I had half of a pb&j sandwich for 215 calories. I've been trying to eat at least one serving of protein, one serving of carbs, and one serving of fruit/veggiese at each meal. I'm counting pickles for a vegtable :-p.

Since I slept through breakfast I have quite a few calories to spend and i'm contemplating dinner ideas.

On the WLS front, I saw my PCP, who is also a pulmonologist. He is writing my letter of necessity and giving me cardiac and pulmonology clearance. He's also the medical director of my unit which is totally awesome. He also prescribed me metformin to help with my insulin resistance.

I got a second job in recovery room today and i'm really excited about that! Today is just plain awesome. I hope you're having an awesome day too!

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