Friday, February 4, 2011

Day #36 Weigh In

Today I decided I wanted a "day off" from counting calories. I felt like I deserved it, after counting every morsel of food I put in my mouth for the last 35 days! You should try and keep a food log of everything you eat, it's time consuming and annoying when you're hungry.  I started fantasizing about where I wanted to go and what I wanted to eat, but at the same time only eating smaller portions and only eating to the point where I was comfortable, not binging or over-eating like before. 

My plans didn't exactly work out. We didn't get ready to go until almost 4, so we ate lunch really late. I had a personal pan pepperoni pizza from pizza hut and one breadstick (not the best choice, but my hubby wanted a lunch special so I wasn't about to order a whole pizza for myself)!). We then invited our best friends here in town to eat at Chili's. I had a game plan! I was going to order a cheeseburger (kids meal size) and have a cup of chicken enchilada soup instead of fries....well, they brought my soup first, then brought fries with my burger! Those jerks! Of course I had been wanting the fries the whole time so I ate them. I ended up at 1700 something calories for the day, which is surely much less than I would have eaten on my "day off" but still more than I like to eat in one day. I also ate much less than I would normally have eaten at this restaurant. I feel full but not stuffed. Today was a good day.

I'm really frustrated with all the people that were "doing this with me". Because of their job, their stress, etc, they have one by one dropped off, and I feel like i'm the only one "still standing". That's ok for now. I knew I needed the support in the beginning, but now that i've been making real changes and am seeing results, I know I can do it on my own. I know i'll probably need them back once the weight loss slows down or when I gain, but like I said, for now, i'm doing ok.

My current weigh in is 222.0! Down 3.8 lbs this week and 28 lbs total! I've lost 10% of my initial body weight!!! Yay! My blood pressure is awesome, I have more energy, my clothes fit better, and people are starting to notice the weight loss.

I'm making up the guidelines i'm following on this journey one day at a time, and i'm having a hard time with  two decisions right now. First, should I allow myself a non-counting day? Can I handle that? Can I handle counting everything the day after? Second, what will my new goal be? I thought I wanted it to be "get into the 2teens by the end of Feb, but it's only the 4th and i'm already 2 lbs away. I need a new goal. I want it to be somewhere between attainable and lofty.


-I had to put my engagement ring on before my wedding band because I have this fear that it's going to slide off. I've caught it on my knuckle a couple times already :-S.
-I also noticed my wrist bones for the first time in a long time.

These little NSV's are making me so happy :-) I can't wait until the day my college ring fits again :-)! That's one of my first major goals.

Back to work tomorrow!


  1. Hey there! nurse here / pj geek / fellow wt loser..I weigh in at around 221 today and that is down from 345. I'll be reading your blog and supporting you along the way. You remind me of me when I was 25 and a new nurse. But I was single at the time and one of the big mistakes I made was that I sought comfort in food . I mean I really did. Freaked out because a patient died or I didn't start an IV the 2nd try or the nurse I reported to gave me a weird look..I'd want to drive through on the way home and get a Mcdonalds breakfast plus something from somewhere else. You sound like are doing great ...keep planning healthy , yummy treats to take to work so you don't feel deprived when they pull out the donuts or whatever. I personally feel too deprived if I never have treats, but sometimes one meal out or too, too many treats sabatoges all the work I've done the other 6 1/2 days of the week. I work in case management now, but worked in hospitals for 13 years then home health care for 9 and now case management for managed care company. nice to meet ya

  2. NSVs are almost sweeter than seeing a number loss. I love how they just kind of sneak up on you.

  3. congrats on your loss!! :)

    - Lisa

  4. Its always the little things like rings slipping off that make you realise that something is actually happening!

    Good luck - you WILL do it :)

  5. I try and eat (Tight) Clean 90% of the time and I give myself a break 10% of the time, It just gives me a chance on the weekends to enjoy a meal with out the stress of calculating the caloric intake... Good job on the weight loss, and I love the non number acheivements!!! WAY TO GO GIRL!!!