Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day #45 - Now with Pictures!

I can't believe it's already day 45. It's going by so fast! I wish I could flash forward to a year from now for a moment and see where i'm at. In my head i'm at my goal size (8) and weight (140-150). By the way i'm 5'8" so i'm not sure if those goals are realistic or not, but they are not hard and fast. I'll have to see how I feel once I get closer to those numbers.

When people notice your weight loss do you feel happy or insulted? I feel ecstatic! One of my husband's best friends is in town and the first day he was here he didn't say anything. He told my husband privately that he noticed I had lost a lot of weight but didn't want to say anything to me because he didn't want to insult me by implying I was "big" before. I told him not at all and the comments help keep me motivated.

Work called this morning and asked me if I wanted to come in, but i'm already working 4 this week starting tomorrow with only one day off before I start my next four so I said no, even though I really want the money for our spring break vacation. It's just not worth it to me to be an unsafe nurse for extra cash.

Instead I decided to paint the den/gym/entertainment room. I'm painting the accent wall a very light mint, it's called "Pirate Coast" and the other walls a cream color. Even though these are relaxing colors I'm going to decorate it with pops of color to make it more vibrant. I felt like I had to paint with neutrals because we're renting and it's actually the first room to your left when you walk into the house and I didn't want it to be a stereotypical crazy gym color.




  1. I just read your blog. You are inspiring people but more importantly, you are inspiring yourself :) keep it up! Life changes are not easy but they are definitely worth it!

  2. I'm like you, when people notice I'm losing, it motivates me! Good job on the painting too :)

  3. It motivates me alright, but then when people keep stressing it and saying it over and over it makes me a bit uncomfortable.