Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day #54 Chugging along & New Goal

I have worked the last four days in a row and I am exhausted! These last few days have been physically exhausting (symptomatic sick patients require a lot of runing around) and emotionally exhausting (I actually cried at work). I've been chugging along, eating my calories, sometimes a little under, sometimes over, but still eating with the intention of providing nutrition for my body and not indulging for emotional satisfaction. It would have been very easy these past four days to turn to food for comfort, and i'm really proud of myself for not doing that.

My new goal is to be at or under 210 by March 10th. Why that date? Because i'm going on vacation :-) I will have a really glorious 10 days off in a row. This will be my first vacation since committing to weight loss. It will be stateside so I can still count calories using my phone and find the nutritional value of most foods. Plus I will be with my sister who always helps keep me motivated :-)

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