Friday, February 25, 2011

Day #57 Weigh-In

My official weigh in was 214.2! Down 3.6 for the week and 35.8 overall :-D! I'm 4.2 lbs away from beating my goal of 210 lbs by March 10th (13 days away).

My fingers have been really swollen and the college ring I could put on my right ring finger before won't even go over the knuckle...I think I have arthritis from all the typing/texting i've done over the last 7 years. I also notice that when I get home from work my fingers are puffy and hurt to move from all of the twisting and manipulating I do of iv tubing, medications, syringes, the blood pressure machine and of course from documenting (with pen and paper!). Everyone on my mom and dad's side of the family has arthritis (the bad kind that twists your fingers permanently) and I hope that I can keep that at bay for as long as possible!

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