Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day #38 What am I eating?

Yesterday and today at work people have started noticing my weight loss and the first question is always, what are you doing? What diet are you on? I tell them i'm eating less and working out more and they don't believe me! One person insisted and said, "tell me a list of foods I can eat". I told her, everything! I eat everything I love and nothing I don't, just smaller portions. The hardest part of this journey for me has been reprogramming my relationship with food. I'm addicted to food, I love food, but I need to eat food every day to survive. That's like telling a heroin addict to only inject a little bit of heroin each day!

I had originally started out with the intention of doing weight watchers, but since the plan changed and my app stopped working on my phone I decided to calculate how many calories I needed to eat from the points value I was at for my weight and  came up with 1550 calories. Even though i've lost 28 pounds I haven't adjusted my calorie count. I'm saving that for when I plateau! I don't want to cut out any calories I don't have to, haha!

Today I had my favorite egg sandwich for breakfast (1 slice of whole wheat bread, 1/2 slice of 2% sharp cheddar cheese, 1 large egg scrambled and 1 T. ketchup for 181 calories) and Rudy's BBQ for lunch (half a lean beef brisket sandwich, half a serving of potato salad, pickles, and unsweet tea for 406 calories). I was full all day at work and didn't think about or calculate my calories for the day until I got home because I knew that both meals were low in calories. When I got home I realized I had only eaten 587 calories from the time I woke up at 530am to the time I got out of work at 730pm. That's crazy! I felt like I had to eat a lot of calories for dinner so I made chicken nuggets, mac & cheese, had bread, and had reduced fat chocolate chip cookies. Basically carb city, MY FAVORITE! I still only had 1437 calories today, but i'm quitting while i'm ahead today since I just ate a 850 calorie dinner.

~Nurse B


  1. I know exactly what you mean! I'm not following a plan, just making better decisions on a daily basis. Hell, I'm not even calorie counting! I've been asked the same thing before and really the best I can tell them is that I make smart choices.

  2. Brilliant people have started noticing! I'm new to this too and although no-one has noticed yet, I'm looking forward to the day they do.( all the good people like my Mum notice all the time but they knew all about it so I'm not counting people who know I'm losing)
    Well done!