Friday, February 11, 2011

Day #43 Gratitude, Frustrations, and Weigh In


I'm so grateful to all the people that read and comment on this blog -- YOU are a big part of helping me help myself stay accountable. I get my emails on my phone and whenever I get a new comment here I get an email. These emails literally make me grin from ear to ear, so THANK YOU!!!


Up until this week I have felt like a freight train plowing down the pounds, my net calories per day had been in the 2000's and lower 3000's. By net calories I mean the amount of calories I burned after subtracting the amount of calories i've eaten for the day. I use the calorie counter app on my phone. It allows me to put in my calories eaten, calories burned, current weight and it calculates my net calories per day for me. Because of my surgery this week I haven't been able to exercise. These were my net calories this week:

Before Surgery:
Saturday: 1979
Sunday: 2073
Monday: 1930
Surgery & Post Surgery:
Tuesday: 875
Wednesday: 947
Thursday: 1170

Weigh In

My weigh in today was 220.2. I have been stuck at 220.2 since Monday. From Friday to Monday I lost 1.8 lbs. On Monday I thought, surely by Friday I will have beat my goal of getting into the 210's!!! Boy was I WRONG! Because of my lack of activity and higher calorie intake I was about 500 calories off from losing another pound.

I was really sad. Instead of taking comfort in food I decided that I would see the loss eventually if I just kept it up. I made my egg sandwich for breakfast and cut down on the calories by cutting out the cheese. Because I saved calories from breakfast I had more to eat for lunch, so I opted for a really filling lunch from Wendys. I had a 5 ct nuggets, small chili, two cracker packets, 1/3 the ranch dipping sauce, and a half serving of the value fries for a total of 663 calories :-). I like to stick to 500 calories or less but I had a really strong craving for fries and I knew if I didn't have them I would try to fill that void with other foods and never be satisfied. I'm proud that I portioned out half the serving by using my food scale and throwing the other half away immediately, a major NSV!

Another NSV is that my size 18 jeans that used to fit tight on my stomach and loose everywhere else now fight loose everywhere. I tried on my size 16 jeans and they're comfortable but not too loose on my legs and tight on my stomach, as in they give me a muffin top, haha! BUT THEY FIT! I could button them without a struggle :-)

I'm committing to eating my 1550 or less calories per day and exercising on the days I don't work this week, I have my freight train momentum back :-) and I can't wait to see the results next week!


  1. Keep enjoying those NSVs when the scale isn't giving you the love you're expecting. They certainly keep you going and I love your term "freight train momentum"...awesome!!

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