Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day #12 Travel Success!

I'm on top of the world right now. My stomach feels flatter, I feel better, I have more energy and i'm excited because i'm a candidate for LASIK and already scheduled my surgery! I've been wearing contacts for 13 years and i'm really looking forward to waking up and instantly being able to see!

I was out of town yesterday and did really well with staying under my calories even though I ate really good food throughout the day. For breakfast I had an egg sandwich, for lunch chicken enchilada soup, and for dinner panda express fried rice and orange chicken. I'm getting the hang of the calorie budget! If I know i'm going to eat heavy at a certain meal, I need to eat light for my other meals.

Today as soon as I got home from driving 4.5 hrs I put on my walking shoes and got on the treadmill. I started walking on January 5th on non-work days last week and so far I've walked 10 miles!

I can't wait until my next weigh in!

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