Sunday, January 2, 2011


Soda is one my biggest weaknesses. I had not had a single soda since "day 1", and today I had the last one from the refrigerator. It tasted horrible, it tasted like the Coke I had on our honeymoon in Mexico, really really sweet. I drank the whole thing though and don't have a good enough excuse as for why. Today was my husband's birthday and he started out the day by getting breakfast from McDonalds, a treat I would normally devour in minutes. He got me orange juice, a bacon egg and cheese biscuit, and a hashbrown. I ate half the hashbrown, the whole biscuit sandwich, and 1/3 of the juice, an improvement to previous eating habits but I felt horrible after eating it.

We invited one of our best couple friends over to watch a football game and celebrate his birthday and I made queso and chips, pigs in a blanket, doritos with bean dip, cucumbers, broccoli and baby pickles with ranch dip. The pigs in a blanket were half a hot dog with 1/4 of a cheese slice surrounded by an entire croissant. I ate a ridiculous amount of food: 4 pigs in a blanket, which equals a slice of cheese, four croissants and two hot dogs, a lot of doritos and bean dip, half a cucumber with ranch dip and a pickle. Then, I made an angel food cake and put regular white frosting on it (with a lime squeezed in it and lime shavings) and plenty of strawberries to top it off and had a big slice of that. This was at 4pm.

All day today my hip and low back have been very, very painful after falling about 4 ft directly onto my left hip a couple weeks ago. I finally broke down and took a pain pill, but it only cut the pain down about 50%. I really want to get on the treadmill and help make up for some of the damage I did earlier but I don't think that would help my hip. I think it's probably just a soft tissue injury, but i'm going to get some scans done tomorrow anyway. Right after I fell, my arm, neck, and leg were very sore in addition to my hip, but now those other areas don't bother me and my hip still does, leading me to think that maybe something else is going on...I guess I'll know either way tomorrow!

Since I ate such a large meal so late in the afternoon I haven't been hungry for dinner, and I think i'm just going to have a small soft serve cone from McDonalds for dinner and then go to bed.

On day one I was really excited about doing weight watchers because I had the weight watchers tool on my phone. I guess ww has a totally new program now and the app on my phone isn't calculating points right so i'm just going to stick to however many calories a day my current weight allows on ww. Right now I would be at 31 points a day, so i'm going to eat no more than 1550 calories a day.

I'm really proud of eating less at breakfast, but I am disapointed in myself with lunch. Every day is going to bring new challenges, and a birthday was a big challenge for me to face early on. Lesson learned and i'm starting over right now. I'm not going to let this setback derail me like I always do. Just because I "messed up" doesn't mean that I will never win this battle! I will make better choices tomorrow.

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