Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year! 238.2!

Yesterday was another great shift! I was "closing" my notes at 5 and helped out the other nurses for the rest of my shift. I started out with 6 patients and ended with 5 (I normally have 7-8). Wow, what a difference one or two less patients makes! I was actually able to spend time in the rooms, listen to the patients ramble on about this or that, and make them feel better with my corny jokes :-)

You always hear about nurse-to-patient ratios, and all the factors that go into deciding what that ratio is...but from my perspective, on my floor, 6 patients would be perfect!

Yesterday I did not eat ultra healthy meals, and did not keep track of the nutrition facts. However, I did not drink a single soda (I normally have 2-3 a day), and I cut down on all portions. Today, after eating breakfast and drinking a lot of water (so deduct about a million pounds for that) I weighed 238.2 :-) Down 4 lbs (water weight)! My initial goal for January was 5 lbs but I think i'm going to up it to 10 lbs.

I hope you have a great year!

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  1. awesome!!! told you gurl friend! you are too good for a five lb goal!! Wooo-hooo!!~