Monday, January 3, 2011

Day #4

Today was an awesome day! I still have 180 calories left for today. I missed breakfast because I woke up too late, had a 485 calorie lunch, and a 460 calorie dinner. I made sure to drink a lot of water and crystal light and pending the results of my ct's I can't wait to start exercising!

I almost had a breakdown earlier but I made smart choices and made it through. When I was at the hospital today waiting for my scans I saw one of the ICU nurses walking by with a bunch of bags of chickfila and I got such a strong craving for it that I HAD to have it. On my way home I decided to get a 4 ct nuggets (no sauce) for 135 calories and a yogurt parfait with granola for 290 calories for a total of 425 calories. I was so proud of myself! I would normally order 8 or 12 ct nuggets, a large fry, and a large half diet lemonade half unsweet tea for a grand total of 950 calories, so today I had less than half of what I would normally eat. Success!

My "official" weigh in day will be on Friday but if I have a decent loss i'll post an update before.

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