Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Last night I had a major non-scale victory! We went to olive garden last night and I had a game plan going in and stuck to my plan. I was satisfied when we left and I didn't feel like barfing like I normally do. Did you know each breadstick is 150 calories, and I used to eat at least 5 of them during one sitting, disgusting! I also squeezed in 30 minutes of exercise before dinner last night which I'm also proud of because I could have easily just skipped it.

I recruited more people to help keep me accountable with my weight loss. I have one friend that's interested in just making better choices and doesn't care about the scale. I have another friend who is just as competitive as I am and is willing to compete with me on the scale. I have my sister who is starting a biggest loser competition in her town (she has already lost 50 lbs and is having a hard time losing the last 20). I also have one of my besties who I mentioned in my first post that is also doing it with me.

Today my plan is to stay within my calorie budget, do the treadmill for an hour after lunch and then 30 minutes with my personal trainer before bedtime.

I work again tomorrow, a major challenge food-wise, but I have confidence in myself that I can make good choices even when everyone around me isn't. When I first started working I was bringing my own meals from home and everyone laughed at me and said, everyone here gains weight, no one loses, you'll see. I'm going to prove them wrong!

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